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Concentration and extraction equipment


This equipment is used in many operations of Chinese medicine, food and chemical industry, such as atmospheric pressure, micro pressure, water decocting, warm soaking, heat reflux, forced circulation, percolation, aromatic oil extraction and organic solvent recovery. The tank body is equipped with CIP cleaning automatic rotating spray ball, upper, middle and lower temperature probes, explosion-proof sight lamp, mirror, quick opening / automatic feeding port, etc., which is easy to operate and meets GMP requirements. The overall material of the equipment is 304, and 316L can also be used for the parts contacting with drugs. The jacket is insulated with fully enclosed silicoaluminate cotton, and the outer coat is treated by matte, wire drawing or sand blasting.


The design features of the extraction system are as follows


1. It has the function of tangent circulation to make the liquid medicine in the tank more evenly heated.


2. It is equipped with vacuum system, which can assist the recovery of organic solvent in liquid and drug residue.


3. It can have pat function or provide corresponding interface to realize on-line monitoring of extraction status.


4. With the function of external heating, it is very suitable for products that need rapid heating (optional).


5. The process is fully automatic, and the data can be transmitted remotely, so that the management personnel can understand the production status in time.


6. With formula storage, it is convenient for technicians to manage the production process.


7. Operation level management to effectively control the safety and reliability of the production process

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